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About Us

Our main goal at Onsite CPR Training Center is SAVING LIVES through high quality CPR training.  Our company was founded with the vision of providing the best possible emergency preparedness learning opportunities for the Healthcare Professionals, workplace personnel and the community in general.

Since 2003, Onsite CPR Training has been providing excellent professional services all throughout the United States, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  Our team of certified instructors go onsite with all the necessary equipment and following strict guidelines to provide the best learning experience so that your personnel feels prepared and ready to respond in case of an emergency at you location.  We will certify you, but most importantly, we will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to respond safely and effectively.

We pride ourselves in providing HIGH QUALITY First Aid, CPR and AED classes.  All our staff is up to date with the latest American Heart Association ( AHA) guidelines, materials and training equipment.  All our classes meet AHA and OSHA standards.

Our nationwide network of instructors is ready for your Onsite CPR class.  We will offer you the training that meets your needs. Whether you are needing courses in BLS for Healthcare provider,  workplace First Aid, CPR and AED, Blood Borne Pathogens  or Pediatric CPR for a Childcare center, we can accommodate your needs.  If you are pressed for time, we also offer onsite blended training, where your staff may complete an online theory portion and would only need a shorter skills session onsite.

Our many years of experience with Fortune 500 companies & National clients have made us into a leading nationwide provider for Onsite CPR training.

We work around the clock to schedule classes based on your date and time preference. Choose the convenience of requesting your own Onsite CPR class. Give us a call today and let us help you be prepared to save lives.